Here at Moto-X we offer 2 print options for your motorcycle sticker kits.

Standard Sticker Set Option (eBay Only)

The standard option gives you a high quality decal set in High Definition with a great level of protection. This is ideal for general use on or off road and will last for 5 + years. The quality of our standard print is higher than OEM original stickers.

Xtreme Sticker Set Option (All decals on the website)

Your second option is for a premium quality sticker print giving a full 4k style  resolution along with an extreme scratch resistant laminate protection. This is ideal for those wanting the top level in motorcycle decal kits with the brightest colours, crispest logo and image prints combined with the most versatile protection – ideal for motocross racers and/or the style savvy rider.  

Both options are of great quality and will last without fading for more than 5 years. 

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Motorbike Grade Protective Laminate

Standard - Motorcycle High Quality Sticker Laminate (eBay Only)

We use high quality scratch resistance laminate which prevents general scratches and wear and tear – great for the average rider. These are stronger and provide more UV protection than standard stickers from the motorcycle manufacturer (OEM). Minimal to no wear and tear from general riding for many years.

Premium- Sustancse, extra thick and scratch repelling flexible Motorcycle sticker laminate (381 microns thick)

The ultimate in scratch and damage with UV resistance. For anyone who wants that extra layer of protection against more intense scratches and damage. If you are an avid Motocross or Enduro rider/racer and want your stickers to be able to take a repeated beating, then these are for you.  This added level of protection considerably reduces wear and tear from aggressive riding and general falls on the dirt.

INk/Print Quality

Standard - 4k Resolution Eco Non FaDE Print (ebay only)

Fully waterproof print with 4K quality detailing. The resolution of the print is similar to that of a 4K television and will provide bright and clear images, making these prints higher than the industry standard.

Premium - Ultra 4k Latex Non Fade Print

If you want ultra-crisp logos and designs for your sticker sets, then this is the print for you. Our vector images coupled with this latex print will give you a full 4K print for ultimate quality, brightness and style. The edging is almost invisible to the naked eye and is extremely fade resistant. 


Standard - Motorcycle Sticker Adhesive (ebay only)

A strong adhesive designed for motorbike and general outdoor and external use. Once fully dried will stay secured for many years.

Premium - Air Egress/Flo Air Release Decal Adhesive

The ULTIMATE in vehicle decal adhesives. With the latest FLO air release technology to make sticking your decals a breeze. This adhesive is extremely strong and allows for immediate adhesion in even the most difficult of areas. This will cut your sticking time in half! Here at Moto-X we just love this adhesive and cant praise the guys who invented it enough!

Motorcycle Sticker Grade Paper

Standard - High Gloss Flexible Waterproof Paper (ebay only)

A highly reflective material that is both strong and fade resistant. This is a third-party paper that has been tested countless times by us and held up to the high standards we expect. It is approximately 0.2 mm and its flexiblity allows for easy moulding around motorbike edges and corners for a perfectly tailored finish.

Premium - X1 Specifically Designed Paper for High Colour Motocross Designs. Durable and Bright!

The latest in Motorbike and MX sticker paper. Premium grade sticker paper from one of world’s most well-known adhesive and paper manufacturers. This paper combined with a thicker laminate will give you the most durable, shiny and versatile motorcycle sticker kit available. 

Standard Motorcycle Decal Set

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Premium Motorcycle Decal Set

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